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Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch – so What does that Mean for Risk?

In his recent popular blog post for Fast Company magazine, “Culture eats strategy for lunch”, Shawn Parr, gives one of the best explanations of the importance of organizational culture and why it is not something that is “intangible or fluffy” but “one of the most important drivers that has to… Read More

Risk Management…“The Ultimate Back Stage Pass”

Active Risk customer Michael Lopez of Booz Allen Hamilton, who has worked as a Risk Manager implementing ARM at the US Air Force, is one of the most articulate and inspiring Evangelists for the Risk Profession I have encountered.   Michael sees a career in Risk Management as “the ultimate… Read More

6 Keys to Implementing Enterprise Risk Management

Many customers, business owners, executives and Board members ask me about what it takes to implement more robust risk management practices within their businesses. Sadly there is no silver bullet. However, there are things which are required if a company is going to implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) properly, and… Read More

Practical Advice to Reduce Risk Manager Stress Levels

Active Risk’s ‘What Makes a Great Risk Manager?’ survey has shown 37% of traditional risk managers are facing major stress. This compares to just 2% of a control group of Sales Professionals (see previous blog posting for more details). What practical steps can organizations take to mitigate this major risk… Read More

New Year, New Opportunities

Firstly, happy New Year to all. It is amazing how quickly time passes.   2012 has just barely begun, but like any good business I am sure everyone has already started to execute their plan to ensure 2012 is a success. With so much uncertainty in the world right now… Read More

Risk Managers Facing ‘Major Stress’ – the Unacknowledged Risk Facing Organizations

Active Risk’s ‘What Makes a Great Risk Manager?’ survey has found worrying levels of stress among Risk Professionals, way higher than in job roles normally thought to be under high pressure. The results showed 37% of traditional risk managers are showing major stress, as compared to just 2% of a… Read More

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