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Win More Contracts: Risk Management during the Bid Process

Conducting risk analysis before submitting a bid on a new project does more than save your team time, effort, and resources down the lineā€¦ it can make the difference between winning and losing the project.   When working on a large capital project, project managers need to have a system… Read More

Risk Management = Insurance?

According to Swiss Re, in 2011 there was approx. $350B in worldwide losses. What is more interesting is that of the $350B, only $105B, or 30%, were insured! So why then do so many companies still feel that insurance is equal to risk management?   Clearly insurance provides a valuable… Read More

$5 Trillion Overspend on Capital Projects

Over the next 20 years energy companies will spend over $38 Trillion on capital projects, and a significant number of those projects will run over cost, and over budget, to the tune of $5 Trillion in additional costs, thats Trillion with a T! These are just some of the startling… Read More

The Most Important Step in Implementing Enterprise Risk Management

I get asked two questions constantly;   1. What is the most important thing my organization can do when implementing ERM? and 2. Are there any best practices, or benchmarks for doing ERM well?   Let me address the first one here, and I will look at the second in… Read More

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