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Embracing Risk to Build Value – Practical Advice to help you Take Smarter Risks

You need to… and I’ll help you… TAKE MORE RISK! 4 things that will drive the success of  your risk management program   Before you tune me out as some nut who doesn’t understand the economic, environmental or regulatory climate we are in, please hear me out.   Organizations and people have… Read More

Project Risk Management Accountability – the Art and the Science

Earlier this year I published a blog post on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers, providing seven best practices for Project Managers (PMs) of best-in-class organizations.  As one of the biggest events in Project Managers’ calendars, the PMI Global Congress 2012 in Vancouver, draws to a close, I… Read More

Risk Culture – Are major change management initiatives needed to avoid yet more reputational risk meltdowns?

The recent publication of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) guidance on risk culture is very timely. As Carolyn Williams of the IRM states, “From BP to Barclays and from G4S to Kodak, the root cause of corporate meltdown is increasingly identified as problems with risk culture. We have more… Read More

Best Practices for Developing and Managing Capital Programs highlighted by U.S. GAO

Guest blog from David Emanuel, Active Risk Account Director, US Government.   I saw a great presentation by Karen Richey, Senior Cost Analyst at the U.S. GAO (Government Accountability Office), who discussed GAO recommendations from their recent report on best practices for managing capital projects. (Report GAO-12-120G)   With the end of the… Read More

Strategic Planning – a 5 Step Road Map for Success

A 5 Step Road Map for Successful Strategic Planning   “Only 23% of companies use a formal strategic planning process to make important strategic decisions. In 52% of companies, these decisions are made by a small senior group.” – McKinsey & Co.   To succeed in the complex, competitive and uncertain economic environment, organizations… Read More

Does UK £5.5 billion rail franchise ‘derailment’ expose the difference between risk assessment and true risk analysis?

The hot news topic in the UK this week has been how Sir Richard Branson has been proved right regarding the flaws in the UK Government’s rail franchise selection process. His Virgin Trains’ bid to retain their franchise initially failed against the competition. But as Sir Richard threatened legal action,… Read More

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