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Risk Management isn’t hard – ask The Risk Doctor

Guest blog post from The Risk Doctor – Dr David Hillson FIRM FRSA FCMI PMI-Fellow Hon FAPM   I recently presented a workshop at a conference in Dublin, and when the chairman introduced the topics for the three alternative sessions he said “Anyone wanting to learn about the hard skills… Read More

Importance of Risk Connections highlighted by this year’s World Economic Forum Global Risks Report – but how can you bring this insight into your own business?

The Global Risks Report 2013 is based on a survey of over 1,000 experts from government, academia, industry and civil society from around the world. The experts were asked to review 50 global risks and also to rate the strength of connections between pairs of risks. Additionally they nominated a… Read More

Annual Davos World Economic Forum to urge leaders from the public and private sectors to adopt a “risk-on” mindset

Being in the risk management business, it’s part of my job to monitor what’s being said about risk around the world. A recent discussion on the BBC Radio’s Today programme – the premier source of quality morning news in the UK – pointed out that the concept of risk has… Read More

2012: The Year That Redefined Enterprise Risk Management

As 2013 begins, we find ourselves in a reflective state of mind.  As I look back over 2012 at our accomplishments, I can’t help but feel that it was a defining year for Enterprise Risk Management, where we questioned what it means to actively manage risk and how risk management… Read More

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