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Ten Tips on Collaborating with your Supply Chain to manage Project Risk

World Risk Day 2013 saw risk management experts come together to share best practices. Active Risk, as World Risk Day’s Founding Supporter, is bringing you a series of condensed lessons from the day to help you better manage risk on your own projects.   On World Risk Day Rob Halstead,… Read More

BBC lists spreadsheet horror stories – how can your organization avoid them?

88% of spreadsheets contain errors claims BBC radio report   This morning, in the few moments left over from coverage on the birth of the latest royal baby, the BBC’s flagship news programme ‘Today’, featured an interview about some of the biggest spreadsheet horror stories. They quoted the chilling statistic… Read More

Open heart surgery on a patient who is simultaneously playing a game of tennis!

Project risk lessons from 150 years of London Underground   It was my great privilege to attend a presentation about the history of London Underground last night given by David Waboso, Capital Programmes Director, Transport for London. It’s the 150th anniversary of The Tube this year making London’s the oldest… Read More

The 3 lines of defense approach to Risk Management – it beats reliance on luck and fate

Looking back on the key messages from World Risk Day, 2013… “The more innovative our products have become; the more risk we must take… The alternative to risk management is luck and fate.” Christoph Schwager, Chief Risk Officer, EADS   World Risk Day 2013 brought together risk experts from a… Read More

The three risk management lessons from the mining sector which can help any organization

As the commodities supercycle ends, here are three risk management tips from the mining industry, which has traditionally led the way in the discipline   Mining companies have led the way in terms of risk management for decades due to the risky nature of all aspects of their business, but… Read More

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