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Improving our customers’ experience – announcing our new customer portal

John Frain, VP of Customer Services & Support at Sword Active Risk   Since taking over Support a year ago my focus has been to review how our development teams and support services work together to ensure we operate as a customer focused organization. By this I mean an organization… Read More

Three Lines of Defence – A methodology for the governance of risk exposure across the enterprise

A new white paper from Active Risk   The latest in an occasional series of white papers that tackle the more strategic elements of risk management, we aim to explain the Three Lines of Defence (3LOD) framework, and how it can be applied to your organisation (regardless of size). Most… Read More

Risk hits the big time!

Risk-based thinking to make its debut in ISO9001:2015   At last risk management is starting to go mainstream, and about time too you may be thinking. Risk and its counterpart opportunity go hand and hand, and should be the mainstay of most businesses. However, outside of certain industries that are… Read More

Sword ActiveRisk is now Sword GRC

Please visit our new web site.