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Enterprise Risk Management is now a requirement for all Federal Agencies and Departments

On July 15th 2016 the Office of Management and Budget, an Executive Office for the President, released a major revision to OMB A-123. Now entitled ‘Management’s Responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control’ the new version underlines the importance of the relationship between Internal Controls and Enterprise Risk Management… Read More

360˚ Contextual Awareness of Risk – Understanding the Interrelationship of Risk

We’ve been working with the folks at GRC20/20, and in particular, with Michael Rasmussen, the father of the term GRC which he created when he was the Lead Research Fellow at Forrester in 2003.   Together we’ve produced a paper about providing 360˚ contextual awareness of risk. Michael’s industry research… Read More

ARM Global Conference goes to London

23 June was not just the day that UK citizens voted on the EU Referendum, it was also the day that our series of Global Conferences went to London.   This was the largest of our conferences to date, and we were delighted to welcome record numbers of attendees, despite… Read More

Sword ActiveRisk is now Sword GRC

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