The new photos recently published by Active Risk customer, Crossrail, really bring home the epic nature of some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects.
Work is now going on round-the-clock using 5 enormous tunnelling machines and is on-track to create 26 miles (42km) of tunnels beneath central London. Pushing the boundaries like this means understanding and managing the many risks involved to keep cost and schedule under control. ARM is used by Crossrail and its sub-contractors to gain an overall picture of the risks identified right across the whole program and its many sub-projects – all of which are huge endeavors themselves. Read the Crossrail case study here.
At Active Risk we have an added interest in the project. Our UK offices in Maidenhead are next to the railway station which will be the western-most point of the Crossrail line.
See the Crossrail images here.

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(2) Responses to “Great new images of the Crossrail project tunnelling deep beneath London”

  1. says:

    A very risky project, well planned, well designed and well managed.

    A very interesting project and important project for the productivity advancement of getting workers to work in an efficient and comfortable manner.

    Bernie W Martin PE , FASCE

  2. admin says:

    Absolutely Martin! We are looking forward to being able to walk out of our offices in Maidenhead next to the station, take a Crossrail train, and get to the other side of London in just over 50 minutes when services begin in 2018-19. Driving might take 2 hours.

    At Active Risk we are pleases to be playing a part in reducing the risks on the project with our ARM software.

    It was great Crossrail was recognized in last night’s Global Risk Awards