Active Risk’s ‘What Makes a Great Risk Manager?’ survey, now has over 600 respondents and has thrown up some unexpected results. 60% of the Risk Professionals who took part conformed to the ‘traditional’ view of risk managers, i.e. analytical, logical, followers of process. The big surprise is that around 40% didn’t match this stereotype. They were more extrovert in nature – 30% in the grouping we call ‘Evangelists’, who are inspiring leaders and natural communicators, and 10% were ‘Drivers’, known for being very self-confident and results driven.


Where several individuals from one organization took the survey, we typically saw a mix of personalities in the risk team. In more long established disciplines such as Finance and Sales the teams are usually much more homogenous and hence understand each other more instinctively. Our psychologist who is evaluating the results feels that organizations will have to focus on measures to make the risk team function better as a cohesive unit.


So big questions to ask yourself are whether you have the right mix of personalities to match your current objectives and what can you do to make sure this mix of people is working together for optimum performance?


These are topics we’ll return to as the survey continues.


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