More power to Business Users with Three Point Estimates added to Risk Express


Sword Active Risk has announced that the latest version of Risk Express will include extended scoring functionality to enable three point estimates. As part of Active Risk Manager (ARM) 9, which is available on general release from 29 July, Risk Express provides a highly intuitive user interface for the business user. The new three point estimate facility can be used with any of the impact categories. Business users are now able to log a minimum, maximum and expected score attached to risks, this saves time for the risk management group and provides greater control of the data for the risk owner.


This latest development within Risk Express has been requested by customers, and extends the scoring capability that was previously available. Risk Express is fully integrated with the ARM core platform, maintaining data integrity, and full governance and transparency. It presents the user with risk information in an editable grid format, with dials and filters enabling them to update information quickly and easily within seconds, as well as providing a more detailed in depth view of risks. The three point estimates can be input from either screen.


Nick Scully, Chief Executive Officer at Sword Active Risk stated; “One of the biggest threats to organizations is a lack of awareness of risks and opportunities across the business, because risk management takes place within departmental silos. Risk Express is designed to replace the spreadsheet-based risk registers that, by their unmanageable nature, often hinder the delivery of the benefits of enterprise risk management. By providing an easy to use interface for business users, the risk management team is more able to engage with the risk owner, ensuring better data on which to base risk and opportunity management decisions.”


Risk Express completes ARM’s suite of user interfaces each designed for specific participants within the risk process. The others include; ARM Risk Performance Manager for communicating risk through dashboards and reports; ARM Core for Risk Professionals and; ARM Apps, which are web-based applets for task owners. With Risk Express, ARM has the footprint necessary for the deployment of true enterprise wide risk management to every part of the business by engaging the business leaders themselves into the risk process.