First, let me welcome everyone to the first entry of my blog at Active Risk. What I aim to do with this blog is provide insight, thoughts, ideas and general musings related to Enterprise Risk Management, Governance & Compliance, and Capital Project Risk Management.


Active Risk works with customers all over the world, in all kinds of industries on improving their risk management abilities, and put simply, we feel risk management has become much too complicated, and has lost value in the eyes of senior management, boards, shareholders and the general public. Organizations can spend a lot of time and money on risk management but still do a poor job managing risks. We think this can and should change.


We are by no means the last word on risk or risk management, and would love your feedback, opinions and thoughts on what is written in this blog. Share as often and as much as you like. If you have questions, ask and we’ll do our best to answer.


Most of all I hope you get something valuable from this blog. An idea you can take to your company, a story you can relate to, or just something you find interesting. Active Risk is a company focused on customers and focused on risk management.



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