If you haven’t heard by now, World Risk Day is on June 26th, and we are super excited to be involved.


What is World Risk Day you ask? Well, it is the first day of its kind where executives, business leaders, industry experts and anyone who cares about risk management can share, discuss and talk about how better enterprise risk management makes better organizations.


We all know that taking risk is a part if successfully business. However, what many companies struggle with, is exactly what risks they should take. What risks are smart risk, which lead to gains, and what risks are simply too risky, and can lead to loss. There is a huge demand for information, benchmarking and best practice surrounding better enterprise risk management, and World Risk Day looks to satisfy this demand.


On June 26th, there will be an outstanding speaker panel, who will share their insights, thoughts and experiences with Enterprise Risk Management. These individuals represent some of the largest organizations on the planet, and range across industries. What they all know is that better risk management leads to better decisions, which leads more confidence, better performance and the consistent ability to achieve your goals.


Check it out at www.worldriskday.com, and on June 26th, join the World in a discussion on Enterprise Risk Management and it’s value to your organization.

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